50th Anniversary Fundraising Update


With just three weeks to go until the 50th Cambridge Drama Festival, we still need your help to raise money to help keep the festival up and running.

As one of the UK’s premier one-act Drama Festivals, we have provided hundreds of groups with the opportunity to perform challenging pieces of theatre on a great stage followed by a review from a professional adjudicator.

The festival week always culminates with the sparkle of the awards ceremony where various trophies can be won by groups and individuals. In fact, some competitors have gone on to make the theatre their profession, and others continue to grace local stages with their skills and experience gained through the festival movement.

Head over to our GoFundMe page to make a donation.

Times are hard for the Arts

Like so many live theatre organisations, the costs of putting on such a prestigious event have risen sharply – almost doubling in ten years. Unfortunately this has also come at a time where there doesn’t seem to be as much support from the general public as paying members of a festival audience.

There’s a good chance that audiences these days just don’t understand the genre, or have not realised that it is (in effect) a mini ‘fringe’ event where you can have fun and experience all types of theatre. We think can do something about that, but in order to preserve our history and secure our future we’re looking for people like you to make a donation so we can put a lot of these plans into practice.

Here’s the rub

As a result of all this situation we’re sad to say that our carefully managed reserves are now dangerously low.  In order to ‘Go for Gold’ we need to address this situation and make sure we have the finances to meet our target – something that has been a focus of the committee for a while.

We have some very exciting new ideas for our 50th Anniversary in 2018 which should ensure a healthy future for the Festival, but to get there we really need your help.

How can I help?

Head over to our GoFundMe page to make a donation.

Whatever you choose to do we’ll be very grateful.

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