Based on a True Story


PARTY NIGHT by Sean Lang

Party NightDecember, 1979. Keith and Valerie have been together for 15 years and are very much in love. He is a successful surgeon; she runs a shop and is a keen disco dancer in her spare time. But Keith is keeping something from her.

As they prepare for the Hospital Staff Christmas Ball, a chance phone call reveals to Valerie that Keith is not what he seems. When she confronts him, some terrible truths emerge. And just when it appears that they have got through the worst, Keith reveals something even more terrible. A dark new play inspired by real-life events.

Cast & Crew
Valerie – Izzy Rees
Keith – David Blaikie
Directed by James Stedman

About the group

Sean Lang’s previous work at the CDF includes PAPER TRAIL, THE NECESSITY OF ATHEISM (“What a delight to hear the English language written so skilfully and spoken so well” –, THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED (Best New Play), I’M BACKING BRITAIN (“Some of the most interesting and probing new writing on offer” – and AN INCIDENT ON THE LINE.

Sean’s work has previously been submitted by ANGLIA RUSKIN CREATIVE. This year they are launching a new label, BASED ON A TRUE STORY, which catches the essence of Sean’s work – it is always related to the past or our relationship with the past.

Recent achievements at the festival

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