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LEAR’S DAUGHTERS by the Women’s Theatre Group

It’s been a while since Combined Actors of Cambridge entered a play for the Cambridge Drama Festival, so it’s good to see them back.

The play is a prequel to King Lear – looking at the lives of Goneril, Regan and Cordelia as children, adolescents and young women, and tracing some of the events and influences which may have formed the adult women we see in Shakespeare’s play. We also meet the Nanny and the Fool – which explains why the play is full of knock knock jokes. So maybe it’s not quite what you might be expecting!

Cast & Crew
Goneril – Izzy Rees
Regan – Carla Keen
Cordelia – Sarah Middle
Fool – Alex Priestley
Nanny – Tracy James
Directed by Chris Avery

About the group

Combined Actors Of Cambridge was formed in 1965 after a public meeting at the Arts Theatre. Its original purpose was twofold: first, to provide opportunities for members of local amateur dramatic societies to combine to present performances which, for one reason or another, were beyond the resources of individual groups. Secondly, to demonstrate that local talent was of a sufficiently high standard to warrant a theatre of its own, something amateur companies in the city are still waiting for.

Combined Actors has no formal membership. Instead, it acts as a production company and is administered by a General Committee which is elected annually at an open meeting.

Recent achievements at the festival

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