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THE ALLOTMENT by Gillian Plowman

Drama Queens - The AllotmentAn insightful comedy with a secret. Four women serving community orders have woven their own web of fantasy while growing vegetables on the allotment for a soup kitchen.

On the allotment, they can choose who they want to be. They forget the “cruel” world outside and live in their sanctuary, with their friends. In their allotment, they are good and kind, and their vegetables grow. They care for each other. And they have fun! Their new probation officer, Daisy, arrives believing in the redemptive power of facing the truth – with surprising, and sometimes shocking, results.

Come, visit the allotment, and witness Daisy’s attempts of rehabilitation. However futile!

Marcie – Jean Schofield
Lorna – Teresa Hennessy
Norah – Jennifer Scott-Reid
Belle – Charlotte Foster
Daisy – Deanne Vas Young
Directed by Jennifer Scott-Reid

About the group

After working together for approximately 37 minutes in the spring of 2012, actors Jennifer Scott-Reid (from Cambridge) and Teresa Hennessy (from Cardiff) decided to work together to take a high-camp, low-brow comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe the next fateful year … and ‘Wing It, Dusty’ materialised.

Forever women to think things through (then dismiss any rational thoughts they may have had on the subject), the fact that Jennifer lived in Cambridge and Teresa lived in Cardiff provided no barrier to the rehearsal period until they started rehearsing. They wish they could say that they had had the foresight to buy shares in train companies and petrol stations but alas no.

Drama Queens have performed in Edinburgh over the last five years. The plays have been written by Teresa Hennessy and directed by Jennifer Scott-Reid, and performed by both divas. In 2017 Teresa’s new play Untucked, about two mature drag queens, was performed at Elmbridge and Welwyn drama festivals.


Recent achievements at the festival

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