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THE METHOD by Frances Bartrum

DramwiseWinter in the county of Essex, England 1828.




Drudge – Olivia Pagram
Mr Newman – Freddie Keeler
Mr Masters – Abigail Edwards
Mrs Burden – Emma Brownlie
Mrs Spiell – Mia Plant
Ms Billet – Anna D’Costa
1st door – Beth plant
2nd Door – Lauren Edwards
3rd door – Taela Geoghan
Directed by Frances Brownlie

About the group

Dramawise is part of Sky Blue Theatre School, and is a group that primarily works with contemporary scripts, classic stories and Shakespeare’s plays. One of their main aims is to ensure that students excel at performance arts as well as sitting SATS and English GCSE’s.

Special classes are also offered to prepare students for Speech and Drama examinations and auditions both for professional work and entry into drama school.

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Recent achievements at the festival

  • 2017 – SHAKESPEARE’S SHREW (Best Costume, Best Junior Actor)
  • 2016 – MEMORIES OF WORLD WAR II (Best Junior Group, )
  • 2015 – THE COMEDY OF ERRORS (Best Junior Actress – Alice Kellar, Best Junior Group)
  • 2014 – THE CRITIC (Best Junior Actor – Tom Howard, Best Junior Actress – Louise Hancock, Best Cameo – Will Norland, Best Junior Group, Best Costumes)
  • 2013 – TITLE (First Place, Best Junior Actress – Jazz Lindsell, Best Junior Group, Best Stage Presentation, Best Lighting)
  • 2012 – TITLE (Best Junior Actor – Tom Howard)

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