Hinchingbrooke Drama


THREE by Harriet Braun

Six teenagers are in various states of lust, longing to find love. Only these are love stories with a difference: thanks to the inner voice trailing around after each character, we get to hear what they’re all saying and thinking.

Luckily, there are two narrators to keep us all on track, but there’s a small problem: our narrators would much rather be on reality TV.

Cast & Crew
Various characters – played by the ensemble
Directed by Elicia Gilbert

About the group

Centre Stage @HBK is made up of 14 Year 8 and Year 9 students from Hinchingbrooke School. The drama group formed in October 2017 and this their first production as a group. They are excited to represent their school in the Cambridge Drama Festival and have enjoyed working on their performance of Three.

Twitter: @HBKDrama


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