HAPPY EVER AFTER by Andra Bishop

Have you ever considered the content of fairy stories? There’s not a lot of comfort to be found in these bloodthirsty tales. What if these tales mirrored a child’s unhappy life?

Set in the present day in her family home and Charlotte’s increasingly disturbed fantasy world


Storyteller – Isha Chavda
Charlotte – Anja O’Shea
Mother – Becky Holmes
Wolf – Jamie Bailey-Smith
The Boss, Pig 1, Woodcutter. Kid 6 – George Robertson
The Fairy, Red Riding Hood, Kid 3 – Emily Thornton-Greet
Pig 3, Goldilocks, Granny, Kid 5, Doctor 2 – Ciara Hodgkinson
Daddy Bear, Headmaster, Kid 2, Doctor 1, Pig 2 – Edward Stevens
Directed by Andra Bishop

About the group

Stagefright was formed about 22 years ago when teenagers from the village of Harlington asked Andra (who already ran a children’s Drama group) if they could have a youth Drama group. The group meets for an hour on Tuesdays in Harlington village hall and primarily works on improvisation.

They enter various Drama Festivals each year and their entry is always a collaboration between the students and writer. They improvise various ideas and characters and eventually it is formalised into a script.

Recent achievements at the festival

  • 2017 – THE MURDER OF RED RIDING HOOD (Backstage Award)
  • 2016 – GROWING PAINS (Best Junior Actress – Becky Holmes)
  • 2015 – HAPPY FAMILIES (Adjudicators Award)

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