New year, new venue, new dates

We’re really pleased to announce that we now have firm dates for this year’s Cambridge Drama Festival! It will take place on the 5th-7th September at the ADC Theatre, Park Street in Cambridge.

Why the change?

There are a number of reasons why we’ve need to make this change.  Part of it is about the availability of our previous venue, the Mumford Theatre.  Another aspect is that we believe we need to transform the way the festival works in order to secure its (financial) longevity for years to come.  We certainly didn’t want the 50th festival to be the last.

Exciting times ahead

The festival will change from a week of evenings to a weekend event, with this year’s event running from Thursday through to Saturday, during which time we will also be running several fringe events alongside the competitive festival. This is something which several festivals have successfully done recently, and we think it will give us a much better chance of attracting larger audiences and therefore securing the continual financial position of the festival.

We have approached a possible adjudicator, and are waiting for his reply. We expect the closing date for entries to be around the end of April, and will keep you informed of this via the website and our social media channels.

If you intend to submit a play for the festival this year, it would be great to get an indication in the comments below. This is not a firm commitment, but rather a way of us getting an idea of the numbers of groups who might want to take part.

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