Our Drama Festival has been revamped!

We want the festival to be a celebration of drama so we are changing our name to Cambridge Festival of Drama, along with a new visual identity!

We hope to alter the emphasis from one of a competitive nature to a more mutually supportive one, where companies enjoy each other’s productions and everyone can learn from all the adjudications. We would also like to the Festival to be less focused on winning awards, and more on what each group can bring to the festival. This includes new or inexperienced companies as well as established ones.

Yes, there will still be adjudications of each play, and yes, there will still be awards – though far fewer than in previous years. But we hope whoever wins an award will be generous enough to recognise that others are likely to be equally deserving and can genuinely celebrate just taking part.

Theatrical performance is about the power of drama on actors, crew and audiences alike. Let’s celebrate that.

More exciting news about the programme, the awards, the fringe events and tickets will follow over the course of the next few weeks.

What do you think about this news? Leave a comment below.

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